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Paintings for Sale by William Trotter
Lighthouse Paintings
Rawley Point Lighthouse (image)

Rawley Point, WI

  • The Rawley Point Lighthouse in Wisconsin
  • SOLD
Yaquina Head Lighthouse (image)

Yaquina Head

  • The Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Oregon
  • SOLD
Two Rivers Lighthouse (image)

Two Rivers

  • The Two Rivers Lighthouse in Wisconsin
  • Selling Price $2300.00
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse (image)

Chicago Harbor

  • The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse in Illinois.
  • SOLD
Halfway Rock Lighthouse (image)

Halfway Rock

  • The Halfway Rock Lighthouse in Maine.
  • Selling Price: $2300.00
Ship Paintings
Stenwheeler Callhan Jr.

Stenwheeler "Callhan Jr."

  • The Stenwheeler "Callhan Jr."
  • Selling Price $1,700.00
Santisima Trinidad Painting (Image)

Santisima Trinidad (Late 1700)

  • In her time she was the largest man-of-war afloat. She was captured by the British fleet at Trafalgar but sank before she reached Gibraltar.
  • Oil Painting 30 by 30 inches.
  • Selling Price $2,000.00
Steam Chaperon Steamboat (image)

Steam "Chaperon" up the Mississippi

  • The Steamboat "Chaperon" going up the Mississippi River.
  • Selling Price $1,700.00

Display Models for Sale by William Trotter
Race Rock Display Model (Image)

Race Rock - New York 1856

  • Gothic Revival - Square Octogonal tower
  • 29 inches high with 17 inch square, 12 inch high house artificial granite house and base
  • sit on a 24 inch conical base, 10 inches high
  • keeper at derrick boon, 2 keepers pulling rope, storage tanks, fog bell mounted on conical base surrounded with artificial water and rocks.
  • lower dock with stairs to lighthouse, life boat & derrick
  • mounted on a 24 by 36 inch base with 36 by 36 inch 59 inch high glass
  • Selling Price $13,000.00
York Spit Display Model (Image)

York Spit - Virginia

  • Hexagonal(integral) on wood frame
  • Square on hexagonal dwelling on screw piling(wood)
  • wood frame 3 inch by 3 inch bell tower on deck(with bell)
  • keeper with derrick 6 boat (keeper climbing ladder)
  • wood house 18 by 13 inch - 19 inches high mounted on a hexagonal deck supported by screw piling
  • mounted on a 24 by 24 inch -24 inch tall base
  • with 24 by 24 inch-square glass
  • Selling Price $12,000.00

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